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Unique Curriculum and Advantages

 We provide classes and workshops taught by renowned scholars and professionals from both campus and off-campus in management and business education. Our pedagogical focus is equally upon the theoretical and the practical.

 Our Management Rights Program adopts the Harvard Business School’s Interactive Case Study approach. This method of learning helps students focus their intellectual capabilities and fosters a learning environment that highlights communication and creativity.

 The International Marketing Studies Special Topics Program empowers students who are striving towards engagement in the international marketplace.

 We design interdisciplinary courses that provide exposure not only to scholarship in other fields, but also meaningful engagement with professional communities beyond the classroom. Students not only find these classes more enjoyable, but cherish the enrichment available through expansion of their social capital.

 Through our excellent teaching environment and invaluable courses, students come away with National University certification that is of value far beyond the monetary cost of tuition.

 Courses are offered on Friday evenings and Saturdays to allow students enough time to devote to their careers and personal lives.